Single floor assemly fall protection and debris containment system

Let's start by saying that even our "Standard" systems are of superior design and durability.

CNS has a wide range of standard systems that can be deployed quickly and dependably. An example of this is the Single Floor Assembly shown to the right. What this means for our customers is:


Since every building, bridge and structure is different, customized systems are often required to get the job done right ... and safely. Our experience and engineering allow us to address those needs quickly and effectively.

Counter Balanced Netting System

When a customer's concrete roof top prohibited standard fixturing, we developed this cantilever (counter-balanced) netting system.
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Safety netting, debris containment, fall protection, perimeter netting

Fall protection, safety netting, debris containment, perimeter netting

With upper and lower stantion weldments, inner and outer arms, cable assembly and netting, this Single Floor Assembly is an outstanding debris containment system. This system is frequently installed in urban construction projects above sidewalks for example.

Debris containment, perimeter netting, safety netting, fall protection netting

The Balcony Blockout Insert (BBI) Pat. Pending

The new solution to your temporary railing needs for leading edge protection during construction. No Drilling into balconies needed. Avoids water penetration concerns. No threat of hitting P/T cables. No tapcons required. The BBI utilizes the existing blockouts found on most balconies. Installs with one simple hex driver tool. Installation is simple and fast.

Debris containment, perimeter netting, safety netting, fall protection netting

Safety Netting.

Virtually every system we
design and install is considered
safety netting protecting people
and property.

Debris Containment.

From construction and demolition debris
to tools dropped by workers above,
debris containment netting protects people and property below.

Project Examples

Fall Protection.

CNS designs and installs
Personnel Netting like active and passive fall-protection systems.

Perimeter Netting.

We provide perimeter netting,
drop netting and outrigger nets
to constuction projects nationwide.